Bo Islands Primary


Location :
Maxim has chosen a unique location for Bo Islands, where it was designed in the heart of the North Coast specifically in the 120 km Alexandria Matrouh Road, and one of the most important features of the site is that the road is rock-free where you can move in and out of the village very easily, and the resort is close to:
Not more than 2 hours from Cairo.
It is also near Marassi and Bo Sands.
Hacienda Bay North Coast.
So, the resort's location is convenient to live in a special luxury at all times.
Sidi Abd El Rahman is a stunning and charming natural area with clear beaches and white sand and can be reached by the new Road Fouka, which limits the distance between Cairo and the North Coast from 240 km to 140 km, so it can be reached from Cairo through only two hours.
Features of Bo Island North Coast :
There are many features within the Resort, which are:
The wonderful location of it in the Sidi Abd El Rahman area.
The first North African resort to establish crystal lagoons.
Landscapes and green spaces covering 88% of the resort area.
Many services are available within the resort.
The project features an environmentally friendly system such as water recycling for irrigation and solar energy.
Units with direct views of the sea.

Delivery Date : Island B
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